About Me - Moreno Tagliapietra

Contact Information

Moreno Tagliapietra
60 Howard Pkwy, New Rochelle, NY 10801
(914) 712-0823


Artist Statement

I am a renaissance man, equally fascinated but Nature, art and science. While my formal education and main career have been in engineering, it is my photography that has allowed me to express my creativity. Nature and the artistic activities of Man have been my main sources of inspiration. Stylistically, I have been strongly influenced by impressionistic painting.

I am also driven by continuous learning, exploration and experimentation. I love to visit wild places and record the beauty of their landscapes, plants and animals. At the same time, I am keen on photographing crafters, artists and their artwork, and am captivated by old architecture.

By exhibiting my images I mean to share the beauty of these subjects with people who cannot visit and enjoy them by themselves.

Curriculum Vitae

I was born in Pirano, a small fisherman town just South of Trieste, an Italian port at the top of the Adriatic Sea. When I was five, we moved to Trieste where I grew up. The region is rich in history and is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. Within a two-hour drive from the town's public beaches are thousands of limestone caves (some world-famous), 9,000+ foot Julian Alps peaks, Venice, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. It is an area of exceptional botanical and zoological diversity with a number of rare plant species also brought over from the Himalayas by high elevation winds. It's a fossil-collecting heaven too.

Like many of the local young people, I spent a lot of my free time practicing many Summer and Winter outdoor sports from skin diving to caving, hiking, rock climbing and all kind of skiing. Since my early teen-age years, photography was a fun companion and a natural complement to my adventures. I had an easy time learning from my father who was an accomplished historical documentarian.

Through time, I experimented with a number of subjects including Nature, macro, classic architecture, travel, portrait, performing arts, industrial and product photography. I used a variety of 2 1/4" and 35mm film gear and built my own darkroom where I pulled b&w and Cibachrome color prints. In 1980, I acquired my Italian license as a freelance photographer. My subsequent work included a number of photographic documentaries such as the step-by-step hand-making of paper mache, leather and ceramic Venetian masks. This documentary was also exhibited in Manhattan.

In 1985, I moved to New York and married my soul mate and "accomplice in arts". For years, we pursued outdoor photography together with 4x5", 2 1/4" and 35mm film cameras with particular focus on New England's Fall foliage and native orchids (both in North America and Europe). Then my wife went back to her silk and watercolor paintings but our traveling did not stop as she loves hiking and painting plein air. In 2004, I switched completely to digital photography with Pentax APS-C, Panasonic and Olympus 4/3-M43 and Nikon full frame equipment. Together and by myself, we had a number of gallery shows, participated in most of the leading art festivals in the NE, were published on three continents - including by the Sierra Book Club - and collected our share of awards.

Today, I shoot and sell part-time fine art prints with Olympus E-M5II and Nikon D750 cameras, and pro lenses. I process my captures with state-of-the-art software and do my own printing with Epson large format printers mostly on watercolor paper and canvas. I occasionally restore old and damaged pictures and reproduce original 2D/3D artwork in my home studio which I built especially for my indoor fine art studies. For five years, I worked as a custom framing designer and learnt how to professionally frame my own pictures. I have lectured at photo clubs and art and botanical societies on my subjects, style and technique, and how to photograph indoors with simple and inexpensive equipment. I recently developed a new lecture on the relationship between human vision and digital photography.

My main career has been in military and industrial electronics as a test and quality engineer, manager and consultant. In 2007, I moved into the building energy conservation industry. Since 2009, I have been training building engineers and managers, and energy auditors in building operations, maintenance and energy management at the City University of NY's School of Professional Studies.